No Sleep Till Brooklyn Returns April 14th 2012 @ The Morgan

No Sleep Till Brooklyn Returns April 14th 2012 @ The Morgan

The Morgan

25 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206

YB -Electronic Chaos – Blak-N-Yello & Mike Morgan Entertainment Present

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

It’s Time To Come Together As ONE!

It’s About The Love For Music & Life…

No Matter What Your Style….

No More Your Scene, My Scene.

It’s OUR Scene….

The Dance Music Scene……

This Monthly Is For You & Me, The Young & Old.

The Clubber & Raver, The Burner & The Human.

Its Always Been About The Music…..Period!!!


>>>EDDIE BAEZ <<< 

DJ Eddie Baez’s name is widely known throughout the dance music community. His impact upon dance floors worldwide is undisputed by industry peoples and dance music fans alike. Because of his genuine soul, vigorous persistence, and deep passion for music, Eddie Baez has blossomed into “superstar” status within the industry. Eddie has had much success with his innovative, tribal-inflected remixes of songs, representing some of the industry’s most successful artists. Jessica Simpson, Destiny’s Child, Kristine W, Whitney Houston, Mis-teeq, Toni Braxton, and Cher, are just a sampling of the artists that have requested remixes by this talented producer. Eddies recent version of Crazy, by Warner Brothers artist, Seal, hit the top of the Billboard Dance charts in its first weeks out, and continues to chart today. Eddie also has worked with edgy rock groups such as The Raveonettes on Sony Records, remixing their hit single Love in a Trashcan, continuing to prove his ability to work with a great variety of music, and turn out hits. However, throughout his career, DJ Eddie Baez, has also had tremendous success with his own original productions. His 2001 single “Without You” was a ..1 Billboard Radio & Club smash. Eddie also charted ..2 on Billboard with his remix of Angles How Can I Lie (02/05 Billboard/Club Play) Eddie Baezs big break occurred after submitting a mixed tape and being chosen (out of 2000 candidates) to be the resident DJ at the grand reopening of legendary New York City nightclub The Sound Factory. The crowd response was so overwhelmingly positive that he was asked to come back as the resident DJ, building a name and following for himself practically overnight. Eddie then parlayed this success by landing another residency at popular NYC nightclub, Tunnel. Eddie continued to rise in his career, and top the dance scene, once again, with his new original track, “Useless Man” which was the first release on his own record label, Anthem Recordings. With collaboration from vocalist Aimee Jean (of dance hit Do it Properly), Eddie Baez made Useless Man just another hit on his already impressive track record within the community. Useless Man also appeared on fellow DJ, Peter Rauhofers, new CD Divas to the Dance Floor, which garnered much success. Eddie Baez Vol 1 and Eddie Baez Vol 2, both on Logic/BMG records, were the first major, nationally released, mixed CD compilations that Eddie completed. Now the long-awaited new compilation(s) keep coming and are filled with fierce vocal anthems, hypnotic house tracks and thunderous tribal beats. The flawlessly beat-mixed compilation is definitely not your run of the mill dance mix. Recorded live in New York City, it is pure Eddie Baez. Adam Sandler and Eddie Baez also released an original production entitled Gay Robot Groove on Warner Bros. Records. Eddies most recent remixes included Seal Crazy & Crime Mob Stilettos both on Warner Bros. Records, and Vivian Green, Tired, on Sony Music. In addition Eddie is continuing to work with other industry powerhouses, such as Pepper Mashay, in creating further original collaborations. Eddie Baez is one to continue to watch and watch we will. 


The Mastermind behind “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” started his career in the 90’s, playing Chicago Hardhouse and Booty House. “When I began we only had Vinyl records, Tape decks, Technic 1200’s and real record shops”. 15 years later the dance music scene has progressed faster than any other music culture. New York was famous for its nightlife and was home to numerous mega nightclubs. Clubkids became loyal fans, as evidenced by the large crowds that attended his performances. As his fan base grew, his residency list grew as well. YB claimed the Resident DJ title at the world famous & infamous Tunnel Nightclub which packed in over 5500 attendees every weekend. He held the longest running residency spanning over 4 years, from 98 till it closed in 02′.

YB has also claimed the resident title at The Limelight, Shelter, Club Love & dropped his signature hard beats at numerous other raves & clubs since the 90’s. YB also performs at the world renowned Burning Man festival held yearly in Black Rock City, Nevada, which is known globally as one of the biggest art and music festivals to date, and spans 7 days with over 50,000 attendee’s every year. Over the past 4 years YB has been a part of the Robot Heart sound camp, which has gained enormous popularity from being the loudest mobile sound car on the playa. He has shared DJ nights with the likes of The Scumfrog, DJ Dan, Elite Force and many more….Read More @


My involvement in the “NY Music Scene” dates back over a decade. Being a drummer since the age of 7, interest in all styles of music was not only natural, but a prerequisite.
I started DJ’ing in high school. Playing hip-hop, reggae and freestyle for friends and various functions seemed to logically segue into exploration of New York City’s club and early rave scene. Working as a promoter for the now infamous Limelight and rave clubs like NASA and Caffeine, I was introduced to and became enamored with a new take on DJ’ing and adjusted my goals accordingly. My first higher profile gigs occurred and led to me being an in demand House and Club DJ till the present. Working with various agents and promoters allowed me to travel the country while pursuing my passion.

Present: I evolve. Incorporating all styles of music into my repertoire I now play large clubs as well as lounge environments with ease. Was one of the first generation of DJ’s at the ground breaking, APT . Currently I have a residency @ ArrowBar on Tuesdays and play at various lounge and club nights throughout NYC. More @


DJ Richie Orlando was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. born into music – the son of a drummer.
His love for music started early, so the strong roots of drums ran through his blood…
his wide range of genres comes from the likes of rock, hip hop, r&b, freestyle,reggae, salsa, etc…
but when it came to dance and house music, this is where he found his calling…
since the ripe age of 5 Richie was an entertainer.
he played in all the school plays and talent shows every year.
loving to sing and dance he was home in front of the crowd,
and it followed him throughout life.,
from freestyle battles to battles in circles..
especially when he started going to clubs and dancing in big crowds.

He started going to clubs in the 90’s during the Limelight, Palladium days.
at such parties as NASA and the Roxy, soon moved to Tunnel, Exit,Carbon, Twilo, Vinyl just to name a few. He found a love for Raves in the mid and late 90’s. Again following the drums found himself at one of the longest running Monday night parties – Concrete Jungle along w/ DJ Odi this is what started the foundation of his style and craft – where he began to find his love for the music on a different level. Following his favorites such as, Victor Calderone, Danny Tenaglia, Boris, Jonathan Peters & Eric Morillo.

At 16 years old, he touched the tables for the first time. His best brought him over to a neighbor’s house where he learned how to scratch, mix hip hop and reggae. Soon to follow the art of blending came with freestyle. He picked it up quite fast and not to long after was faced with other issues in life and was forced to give up his new found hobby.

Years later in 2007, he decided to follow his heart and go with the path that he should’ve went down a long time ago. Once again picked up like he never left… Except this time it was Techno and House… or as he likes to call it, THE KRACK…
His love and passion for the music is the Energy you feel in the vibe he creates…
A real crowd mover.. His ability to take you on a musical journey w/ bass driven beats and suspenseful vocals…
Has touched the crowds of venues such as, Pacha, District 36, Webster hall, envy, Green House, Cosmoss, M2, HK, Glass, Eden, just to name a few. in NYC also Miami and California, at spots such as Vice, central, blue moon, Sky bar, Bacata, and the legendary Avalon.
and now on the road w/ productions. you can guarantee nothing short of FIRE on every track he works on…
Whether or not its hip-hop or dance… it’s almost a sure thing that it’s a BANGER!!!
So, look out for this rising star… Cause his passion and love for music will make him a future favorite…]

>>>NOOMI RA <<<

Noomi Ra Born in Frankfurt, Germany & growing up in New York, London, Dubai & everywhere in between. At a young age he was always interested & listened to electric dance music but, never got into playing his own. Finally in 2008 he started experimenting with DJing playing his first gig on September 27 2010. Since then its been a roller coaster ride from bringing in the new year @ the electric warehouse for over 2000 people on NYE to playing Pacha NYC and most recently playing the Dance.Here.Now festival on Governors Island. Since then his name has been on line ups with some of the biggest name the EDM world has to offer such as Afrojack, Skrillex, Fatboy Slim, Ken Loi, James Zabiela, Headhunterz, Dj Eco, Breakfast, Hellfire Machina, Donald Glaude just to name a few The genre he plays he likes to describe as Electro Trouse but, he plays a lot more including: Trance, House, Progressive, Electro, Minimal, and Techno.


Kris M was raised on the NYC city limits where his musical influence began from an early age. Having older siblings with musical backgrounds, it inspired him to pick up the sax which he played for 10 years.

His foray into Electronica began with the emergence of The Prodigy in 1997. His love for this genre brought Kris onto the scene, working in clubs since 18. He then landed his first gig in 2004 at Club Sleep in Woodbridge, NJ. Kris M plays for a large and diverse crowd of people who love house music. Over the course of his career, his fans have traveled to see him play in all major clubs in New York City and the Jersey coastline, holding monthly and weekly residencies at top venues such as Deko Lounge.

Kris M adds another layer to his established repertoire – he is part founder of has catapulted the exposure of many DJs with live streams to over tens of thousands of listeners and simulcasting the biggest shows such has A State of Trance with Armin Van Buuren and Global DJ Broadcast with Markus Schulz to name a couple. As a result from these accolades, Kris has played with the likes of many of these top DJ’s .After solidifying the trance channel, Kris and his team are have implemented a house & techno channel to expand their listener base. The team has thus far successfully acquired over 2 dozen shows including Carl Cox’s Intec label for an exclusive show as well as the rising label 303LOVERS with Manuel De La Mare & Alex Kenji.

Kris M has shows scheduled for the Winter Music Conference and The Burning Man festival yearly. With his musical background, and collaborating with producers/djs from ETN, Kris plans to start releasing and solidifying his name with quality productions this year. 

More T.B.A Soon!!

Hosted By Electronic Chaos


Coming out of the darkness of dirty Jersey, the man of many genre’s who never disappoints you on the dance floor, will have your BOOTY shakin’. Mumblz comes with a arsenal of beatz that range from hard dubstep & electro, to drumstep & Drum n’ Bass.. then slam you with hard techno & hardcore, and covering all areas in-between! If it’ll make you move your ASS, he’ll play it! Mumblz with partners Impure & Bodie’s new EP, “The Cure EP”, on BroTown Records has landed them in the top 100 dubstep releases and top 100 overall genre for over a month! Getting quick support from artists such as Hulk, Messinian, Mark Instinct, Zardonic, Richie August, Claw, At Dawn We Rage, Total Recall, Structure, Obsidian, Jae Kennedy, D-star and Point Blank to name a few! Mumblz under the Delusional alias, has several hard techno releases out, on Elementz, Technoart and Devils Rejects. He’s also received quick support from a lot of big players in Hard Techno like, Svetec, Lukas, Lexis, Bruce, Albert Kraner, Scott Kemix, Alex TB, Malke, Jason Little, DJ Hammond, Tim Rivers, Lady Kate, Monster Mush and Flotek & Mario Kinle to name a few. Mumblz (Delusional) has remixed tunes from artists such as Svetec, DestoyER, Jason Little and Dj Hammond. He also has hardcore releases also under the alias Delusional on Megarave and Hard Kryptic. A collaboration with Delirium was nominated for the “Top 100 Best Hardcore Tunes of 2011!! Mumblz (Delusional) had the honor to “Remix” a tune for the one and only “Headbanger” for his 10 year anniversary release! Mumblz aka Delusional’s music can be found in all major music stores and on such labels as Human Imprint, Evol Intent, PRSPCT, BroTown, Elementz, and Future Sickness, to name a few. When he isn’t traveling the US for gigs, he’s glued to his chair in his studio producing! Mumblz soundcloud page w/ free tunes and other goodies, and please support Mumblz on his facebook fanpage, where u can also find a free tune, Also “Contact” or go to website

>>>JOHN BAS<<<

Born and bred in Brooklyn, New York, this former Graffiti Artist turned DJ has been an influential part of the underground music scene since 1994. John is considered one of Brooklyn’s originators for the harder styles of dance for several reasons. On top of DJing and producing, Bas is also the founder of Electronic-Chaos. Throwing countless underground hard dance events in the mid to late 90’s, John helped create the foundation for the scene we know and love today. After cementing his name in history with Electronic-Chaos as one of Brooklyn’s best rave promoters, and an honorable mention by HUGE magazine in 1998, John turned his attention to, and concentrated on, spinning.
Beginning his career as a Hardcore DJ, he has rocked the decks and shared the stage alongside such east coast legends as Lenny Dee, Delirium, and Rob Gee. However, after a trip to Holland nine years ago, John discovered a new sound of music, that would later be named Hardstyle, and immediately fell in love. John knew instantly that he wanted to deliver this new sound to the masses here in America, and while he is extremely humble, John is considered by many to be one of the best, and one of the first, DJs to play Hardstyle here in the United States.
A veteran of 15 years, known for rocking dance floors as if it is going out of style, John has proven himself repeatedly over the years. Holding residencies at some of New York City’s top nightclubs back in the day, like Avalon, Limelight and Tunnel, there is no question that John Bas is one of New York City’s premier underground DJs! John is also one of the first Hardstyle artists on Beatport to release his tracks for download. Tracks like “Feel It”, “Take Me To The Top”, “Locked Inside Your Mind”, and “Kick In The Bass”. With production hits like that to his credit and his superb track selection, it’s no wonder why Bas is one of Brooklyn’s favorites.
For those of you who cannot wait for John to hit the stage, I have a bit of good news for you. John is back yet again with a new mixed CD release entitled “Hardstyle Is My Style”. Even better, you can download it free at In addition, Bas promises to bring it hard, fast, and on point, when he steps to the decks. So get ready to tear the walls down and dance your ass off to the Hardstyle beats of John Bas!!!



Born and bred in Brooklyn, NY and raised on classic rock, soul and hip hop it was only a given that the underground caught my attention. A direct product of the NYC underground and Club Scene of the early-mid 1990’s. I started playing with turntables by the age of 13. It was one night in 1994 where electronic music became my Reality and I then began spinning hard acid, techno and trance. I started playing and organizing some of Brooklyn’s grittiest outlaw parties and performed for many of NYC’s most notorious underground crew’s. In this setting I was noticed by several club promoters and given a chance to shine at some of NYC’s largest clubs (Limelight, Tunnel and Palladium). I describe alot of my sound as hard funky techno with a firm grip on groovy tech-house as well. With inspirations by 80s freestyle, early 90s hiphop and EDM producers: Frankie Bones, Adam X, Jay Lumen, Marco Carola, Samuel L. Sessions, A. Paul, Merrit, Speedy J, Umek, Axel Karakasis, Butch, Christian Smith, Angel Alanis, Chris Liebing, Angy Kore and other techno heavyweights to name but a few, there’s always room for infinite musical growth. In the present with production being a real focus, I have several projects in the works for future release. 
Chose to put the name R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. to the side not to forgot or dismiss but just so people understand who Demian really is. Relax Embrace And Let It Take You is what reality means and what I encourage people to do while listening to the music I play/make. I simply love electronic music as it runs thru my vains and puts the charge in my heart.
….DJ Reality is a longstanding member of the NYC Underground. Born and Raised in Brooklyn, he encountered dance music and the club/rave scene at a very early age. Upon this discovery he was immediately drawn to the turntables and the power they wield. Reality cut his teeth playing some of Brooklyn’s most memorable outlaw parties in the early to mid 90s, performing for many of NYC’s most notorious underground crew’s. He was noticed here by several promoters and given his chance to prove himself at some of NYC’s and the East Coast’s largest club & rave events. Several mix tapes and CD’s later, DJ Reality unlike many others still stands strong, withstanding the test of time with each needle to the groove. Having honed his skills for over a decade now, he is looking forward to the future. — ROB REWIND


Born and raised in Philadelphia and now hailing in NYC, DreamMaster is a veteran Hard Trance/Dance DJ who started his career in 1997. His signature blend of hard melodic anthem trance & dance has stirred crowds into a frenzy up and down the east coast, including official WMC events in Miami. In 2005 he completed a degree in Audio Engineering/Music Production at the Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan. From Post-Production sound design to custom studio builds for the legendary Erick Morillo, DreamMaster is always keeping busy. Since teaming up with HardStylerz USA (NY) & Good Vibes (MD) his name is rapidly becoming known in the scene amongst promoters and dance music enthusiasts. His passion for music and sound is unsurpassed and it truly shows in his live sets and productions. Free mixes and tracks are available at and also coming soon to Empire Traxx and itunes.


Brandon “W@xMasster” Berkeley began his journey through the vast world of music at the very curious age of 5. Everything from classical to pop to grunge to metal captured his developing mind before finally falling in love with house music at age 9. Having experienced dance music scenes in France, Panama, Brooklyn & Queens(New York), W@x decided to start mixing his own favorite tracks at home as a teen. It wasn’t until November 2010 that the young dj decided to set his sights on the NYC EDM(ElectronicDanceMusic) scene he has grown to love. Through hard work and hours of practice everyday, W@x is slowly working his way through the ranks of young multi genre Djs in NYC. He has recently shared event lineups with; Neophyte, Atomic Babies, 2rip, Cutman, Venom, X-dream, John Bas, and Dj Knowledge. And even more recently W@x has become the newest addition to the event production/promotional company Digital Distortion(NYC). At just 21 years, and now under the wing of rising NYC DJ Noomi Ra(Digital Distortion CEO) the future looks bright for this young man.

More T.B.A Soon!!

Intense Visuals By Waking Dream –

4 Point JBL & Sherwin Vega Monster Sound System By Blak & Yello

+++++ 1 – 2500 Square Ft. Main Dance Floor

++++ 2 Chill Side Rooms

+++ 1- Out Door Smoking Area

++ 1- Fully Functional Bar

+ YOU!~

Dress Colorful, Unique, Stand Out In The Crowd…..Be Yourself!!

Doors Open @ 10pm

Join Our Group @ For Everything No Sleep….Music, Pics From Past Events & To Connect With The No Sleep Till Brooklyn Crew!

10 Dollar Pre – Sales Up Soon!!

18 To Wake Up

21 To Never Sleep

@ The Morgan Warehouse
25 Bogart St.
Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY

L Train To Morgan St.

This is a celebration of LIFE! Make sure to leave Ego’s, Drama & all other negativity at the door!!

Party Always Ends When We Say So…

Start Spreading The News…

More Info Soon!




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